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These comments are real, unsolicited testimonials.  One of our greatest rewards is knowing
that we are teaching our students life skills, people skills and other techniques for success.  
We hold nothing back and we will do all we can to help you succeed.  It is our pleasure and
honor to share our knowledge with all of you.  Thank YOU!
--Kyle and Kellie, Instructors, Consultants, Authors, Bartenders

"Needless to say, I am very happy that I took the class!  The material was very thorough and neat
and the course covered every possible topic.  ...I moved into the general manager position at a
25,000 sq ft nightclub without completely understanding how to calculate costs and analyze a
P&L.  After studying your material, it just "clicked" and now it's almost automatic for me!"
--Danny, Master Level Bartending Course

"I've wanted to take a course on bartending since I was 18, but I was always put off by the
incredibly high price.  I wasn't willing to spend $700+ dollars on something that I didn't know
whether or not I would be any good at.

This course allowed me to get a great idea for the business of bartending as well as develop
the skills needed to be great at it without breaking the bank.  Being able to do it at my own pace
while working full time really allowed me to commit the material to long term memory rather than
get it all down to short term rote memory, take a test, and forget it in a week.

I am super impressed that you were able to take something that seems like such a strictly brick
and mortar institution and successfully update it to meet the needs of our increasingly digital
world.  I will definitely be recommending it to anyone and everyone I meet who has any interest
in bartending."
--Christopher, Professional Level Bartending Course

"I just want to thank you for offering this course and your expertise.  From everything you taught
me I was able to attain a great job as a bartender.  I am a veteran and recently got out of the
military and I did not know what I wanted to do next, but I believe you helped set me on the right
path.  Bartending has helped me cope with PTSD from the military by being an avenue to focus,
maintain busy and stay positive.  I just wanted to thank you, you have no idea how much you and
your course has helped me after the military.  Thank you."
--Jonathan, Expert Level Bartending Course

"I just wanted to thank you for the hiring and interview tips you gave us.  I have myself a small
gig at a restaurant trying to build their liquor sales.  They were seeking someone without a lot of
experience.  Before your class I could have gotten it, but everything you taught us makes me
feel so much more comfortable that I'm going to be able to excel when I start this week."
--Kellie, Expert Level Bartending Course

"Excellent class.  Very well thought out and explained in concise manner."
--Sheila, Expert Level Bartending Course

"...I just wanted to tell you, I had my first interview as a bartender yesterday.  I did not know what
to expect, however THEY HIRED ME!!  ...Thank you so much for teaching me the business of
bartending, I have learned a lot."
--Ivette,  Expert Level Bartending Course

"Now that it's over...it may have seemed like I might not have needed this class, but I did.  Almost
all of the management stuff was new, especially actually how to calculate the pc, how to do
inventory and ordering, ideas for promos, how to build up business, all of the employee stuff,
incentives (I will use that one for sure).  Your advice on how to treat staff and guests reminds me
of my mother's old saying "you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!  Of course, we don't
want flies in the bar, but you get the point...

My prior experience made it all easier to put all this into context, but having taken this course I'm
going to feel more confident that I actually know what I'm doing....

I thought the course was well presented and very thorough, and I heard echoes of old, departed
bosses coming through in there...

Thank you so much for offering the course!"
--JR, Master Level Bartending Course

"I had such a Blast last night bartending my first time ever.!  I so can't wait to do it again.!  So
much fun & I'm Hooked.!  I'm Thankful to have taken your class, the knowledge that you shared
Helped me & I will be taking it with me to every future event."
--Jillian, Expert Level Bartending Course

"I am proud to say that my first Bartending job was a huge success.  I could not have asked for
a better kick off!!  My host thanked me for making her birthday special.  ...We received many
comments from the guests that we were doing a great job.  I made more than what I make at
my day job in a week.  It was the most wonderful feeling...

OH YEAH I got 2 more bookings that night!!!"
--Sophia, Expert Level Bartending Course
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