Lesson 5:  Beer
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The process of brewing beer uses cereal grains (malts), yeast,
hops and water.  Though recipes vary, you must have these four
ingredients for a well-balanced taste.

Grains (Malts):  The grain contributes to the color and the flavor
of the beer.  Additionally, the grain will have sugars, which ferment
and turn into alcohol.

Yeast:  The yeast is responsible for turning the sugars into
alcohol. You will find that there two types of yeast most commonly
used to brew beer.

Hops:  These flowers are accountable for the bitter taste, fragrance
and flavor of beers. The bitterness of hops provides great harmony
to the sweetness of the malt. Hops likewise work as a preservative
of the brew.

Water:  The water is a vital component in the beer brewing process.
As water mainly modifies the flavor of the brew, it is important to use
water that has been purified using charcoal.

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Lesson 5
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