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"I just returned from my FIRST bartending experience
and it was wonderful--thanks to YOU.  ......because of
your class and everything you taqught me, everyone
thought  that  I  was  a  professional  and had been
doing this for years.  I cannot thank you enough for
offering your class so that people like me can try our
hands at new things."---Marissa
"You don't know what you don't know, until Kellie teaches
you!  She has changed the way I do business"---Mark
"I found your class to be very thorough and professional
but still fun and full of very useful information."---Michelle
"Awesome!  The flash cards are great!"---Lauren
"She was genuine and delightful and she legitimately
satisfied my experience."---Terry
"It was really a great class.   You obviously have a very
sharp business sense..." ---Eric
"Excellent insight into bartending from an insider.  
Hands-on training with shot cup and pour nozzle were  
great.   Flash cards were cool." ---Dave
"Kellie was professional, personable and fun to listen to.    
Interesting  personal stories and philosophies." ---Mike
"The materials were easy to read and memorize.  
Kellie was very informative, knowledgeable and polite."
"Excellent  instructor!!     Very  friendly, organized  and
knowledgeable." ---Allison
East LA College
Santa Ana College
"I highly recommend it."
- James Bartholet, L.A. Nitelife Productions
"This class was awesome because Kellie is so excited
about what she does that it's contagious.  She supplies
numerous resources that I felt went above & beyond
what I signed up for."---Alicia
"After one night I feel like I have already learned more
than I did in my college business classes.  I can't wait for
the next week!"---Melissa
“I have been a bartender for two years and this class
showed me that I was doing a lot of things wrong. Thank
"I loved your class - best one I've ever taken & I mean
that with all sincerety."---Andrea
LA Harbor College
Glendale College
Pierce College
Rio Hondo College
San Joaquin Delta College
El Camino College
College of the Dessert
City College of San Francisco
JER Group (JER Online)-national online college courses
"I really liked how you took your teaching beyond simply
describing the mechanics of bartending and transformed
it into something fun, humorous, and, at times, filled with
life lessons."---Kamal
"The instructor was right, this is not just a bartending
class, it's also a business class."---George
LA Valley College
Riverside Community College
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West LA College
Chaffey College
LA City College
Palomar College
Irvine Valley College
Citrus College
Golden West College
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