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Professional Level Bartending ($147)   
IIYou will learn all you need to know to become a professional working bartender.

IIExpert Level Bartending ($197)   
IIBecome an expert in the field of bartending when you learn the fine details that
IImake you stand out even among experienced bartenders.

IIMaster Level Bartending ($347)   
IIThis course includes all information above, but with a more in-depth look at
IImixology and managing the bar.

IIBasic Level Bartending ($47)   
IIBasic cocktail-making course.

IIBar Management ($97)   
IIDesigned for the independent bar, this great course teaches students about bar
IIImanagement and daily Ioperations.

IIMaster Level Management ($347)   
IIThis course is similar to the Master Level Bartending course, but from the
IIImanagement point of view.

IIThe Basics of Wine Service ($47)     
IIThis online course will teach you what you need to know about serving wine in a bar.
IIThere will be 1 test with a score of 75% required to pass and receive the Wine
IIService Professional Certificate.

IIHow to Start a Mobile Bar Service ($47)  
IIIn this online course you will learn how to start your own mobile bar service for
IIparties and events.  You would be surprised at how much money you can make in
IIthe party and event bar business.  There is no test or certification for this course.  
IIThis is all about making money and owning your business.
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Be the bartender that gets the job.  Training is everything!
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There's no competition, if you're better than the rest. Be better.
Steer clear of any training program that promises you job placement. It's unethical for any
school to promise job placement.  Seriously, how would that be possible?  They may send
you on interviews, but you must get the job yourself.  Knowing that the plum positions are rarely
advertised, Bar Professional will teach you how to stand out and get the job
you want.

However, be sure that there are no shortcuts to becoming a great bartender.  We have a long-
standing reputation for our comprehensive instruction and attention to detail that makes our
bartenders shine among others, but you must do the work.  We are the best online bartending
school, but like any athlete, you must practice your performance.
We Offer:
Staff Training
When we say
IIthat our service
IIis your success,
IIwe mean it.

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Group Training
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"Needless to say, I am very happy that I took the class!   The
material was very thorough and neat and the course covered
every possible topic.  ...I moved into the general manager
position at a 25,000 sq ft nightclub without completely
understanding how to calculate costs and analyze a P&L.  
After studying your material, it just "clicked" and now it's
almost automatic for me!"
--Danny, Master Level Bartending Course
"I just want to thank you for offering this course and your expertise.  
From everything you taught me I was able to attain a great job as
a bartender.  I am a veteran and recently got out of the military
and I did not know what I wanted to do next, but I believe you
helped set me on the right path.  Bartending has helped me
cope with PTSD from the military by being an avenue to focus,
maintain busy and stay positive.  I just wanted to thank you, you
have no idea how much you and your course has helped me
after the military.  Thank you."
--Jonathan, Expert Level Bartending Course
"I've wanted to take a course on bartending since I was 18, but I
was always put off by the incredibly high price.  I wasn't willing to
spend $700+ dollars on something that I didn't know whether or
not I would be any good at.

...I am super impressed that you were able to take something that
seems like such a strictly brick and mortar institution and success-
fully update it to meet the needs of our increasingly digital world.  
I will definitely be recommending it to anyone and everyone I
meet who has any interest in bartending."
--Christopher, Professional Level Bartending Course
Give more than a gift, give a career.
It's illegal and
to promise
Job Placement.
Our promise is
to provide the
best training
you will find,
so you can
get the job
your choice.
Our bartenders
are in demand,
which is why our
former students
are our best
Remember that
cheaper isn’t
always better.
Don’t settle
for cheap.
Be better.
Make Extra Money!
Be a
Bar Professional
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Billionaire Bartenders Club ($100)
This fun bartending course is for the person who has
everything. Designed for the man or woman who is
fascinated with the world of cocktails, but not for the
purpose of employment.  This course is all about fun!  
Buy one for you and one for a friend.
Join the club!
The Master Class in Bar Management ($497)
Before you open your bar, take this course!  
Save time and money when you take this course that will reveal
what you need to know in an organized, comprehensive format
that can get you on your way to operating a successful business
in a week!  Don't be foolish and rely on your staff, your friends or
your customers for advice.  Ask the professionals!
Certificate Courses:   Bartending     |    Bar Management    |    Wine  Service   |    Billionaire Bartender's Club