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Online Education
Online Learning Reaches the World of Bartending
Colleges today offer many courses online, allowing even the busiest
people to attain a degree, study areas of particular interest or just
brush up on their business skills.  This new trend in education has
changed the lives of working mothers, those in remote areas, and
youth who are exploring their career options.  Even nontraditional
career classes are now offered via the Internet.  Many of these
courses can lead to certification for employment in technical

Use of various resources and training methods has expanded
the options for conducting lessons.  Convenience and variation
of delivery yield greater comprehensive results.  With these
advantages, it is no wonder that the novelty is quickly becoming
a preference in choice of study.

Students are learning in the fields of nursing, accounting, real estate, paralegal, bartending,
cooking and nutrition from online courses.  Nursing?  Bartending?  How is it possible to
learn these professions from lessons taught online?  In the case of bartending, one would
think that students must be in a classroom or behind a bar to learn to make cocktails.  

Not so says Kellie Nicholson, instructor for Bar Professional online bartending courses.  
Though students learn how to make all of the most popular libations, she states that bartend-
ing entails so much more than making alcoholic beverages.  In her online courses, Nicholson
prepares students to be great salespersons, customer service experts and honest and valu-
able employees, skills that can lead to success throughout life.  The lessons taught are also
extremely beneficial to managers, servers and even experienced bartenders.  

Nicholson has had great success teaching her classes on campus at community colleges
throughout the Los Angeles area for the past 15 years.  Partnered with bar expert, Kyle
Branche, expansion into the online system of courses has presented the opportunity for
bartending students nationwide to benefit from her training with the bonus of Branche’s
expertise.  Their branded method of instruction, The Master Code of Mixology, is designed
to prepare students for the real world of bartending, which includes lessons beyond just
preparing cocktails.

With a combined 65-year history and resumes that span from coast to coast, including
swanky hotel bars, posh music venues, upscale restaurants, Playboy Clubs, Hollywood
celebrity nightclubs, landmark sports bars, chic dive bars, New York City bistros, historic
event halls, and private underground clubs, they have also held court behind the bar at
over 1,600 private parties.

Masters of the business, Kyle Branche and Kellie Nicholson, have also served in positions
of management for VIP events, small neighborhood bars, high-volume / high-capacity estab-
lishments and everything in between, giving them a perspective that most bartending
schools can’t offer.  Their pairing presents a rare opportunity to learn from real pros who
thrive on excellence.  They can help anyone master the science of the bar business, molding
cocktail preparers into highly-employable and sought-after professionals.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational
Outlook Handbook, 551,100 U.S. citizens were employed as bartenders in 2012.  With
those statistics, it is no surprise that these courses are so popular.  The hospitality industry
continues to grow each year, also creating a demand for skilled managers.  One challenge
facing bar and restaurant owners and managers is that most hospitality programs are long-
term and expensive.  This is due to the wide range of subject material, much of which is
never applied in the real world.  Bar Professional has the solution with their inexpensive,
self-paced online bar management course.  
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