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There's no competition, if you're better than the rest. Be better.
We offer independent bar and restaurant owners affordable assistance with the opening of their
new establishments.  Additionally, we provide solutions to problems for those who have already
opened  the doors for business.  One of the biggest mistakes bar owners make is thinking that
they know the bar business when they have never worked as a  bartender (the hub of all sales)
or have never even worked in a bar.   Another common regret is in spending hundreds of thou-
sands of dollars without hiring a consultant for guidance.  This nominal investment is crucial in
avoiding costly mistakes.

Many inexperienced bar owners and managers are also unaware of the value of qualified
staff.  Success in the bar business is not only about beautiful decor, but also relies on smiling
faces and excellent service.  The intangibles, like bar consultants and trained staff are the most
important factors in a successful establishment.  Neglect of these vital aspects often results in
failure.   Trusting the limited knowledge of frequent bar patrons for information is also an unwise
decision.   Bar patrons are not experts on functions of the bar business.  Additionally, simply
relying on celebrities to bring in the numbers will also assure ultimate failure, if the business is
not managed properly.  That's why celebrity-filled nightclubs do not last when treated as a party,
rather than a business.

Ultimately, ego is the biggest reason for failure.  Many bar owners open a bar to realize their
dream, which doesn't always coincide with good business practices.  Owning a bar is very
different from throwing a party.  Our consultants can step in to point out those differences,
creating effective operations.  

Our company’s team of professionals each has more than 30 years of experience in many
establishments.   Each specialist is an expert in their field who can give you not only one great
solution to each situation, but several.  The programs we offer are sure to lead you to greater
success and profits.   With your budget in mind, we offer our services on an  as-needed  basis.  
Call 818-430-0738 for your telephone consultation.

Our Specialties:
Consulting Services
Cocktail Menus
Staff Training
For group training we will come
to your establishment in the Los
Angeles area.  Your staff will pay
the discounted course fee either
online via credit card or in class
with cash.  By offering your staff
the opportunity to become a
professionally trained bartender
you will benefit in knowing that
your staff has been trained to
provide professional customer
service using the most advanced
techniques in the industry and with
an understanding of bar business

Minimum of 10 students
$100 each*
*includes materials (workbook, activities,
flash cards, jigger, 2 pour spouts, plastic
shaker, tests and certification)
(818) 430-0738